Mellissa and Joe

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I met Joe and Melissa at Corvina Wine Company, where Joe shares ownership with his brother. We had a little wine, they smooched, danced, and they made sarcastic jabs at one another (my kind of people and a true sign of love). We snapped a few photos there before heading to one of their favorite places, Wildcat Creek Farm. It was the dead of winter and very chilly, but they were troopers as we hiked around the property.  Of course, returning to the barn to sip on some more wine and to warm up! Thank you Melissa and Joe for such a fun shoot!





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Another senior session on the River Walk in downtown Milwaukee this past October.  This is my super talented and beautiful cousin Alyssa. She will be a senior in high school next year and I believe just got a lead role in her school musical! She started babysitting for Jack this year too and has been so great with him.  As these photos prove, she shines inside and out. I’m so proud of this girl. GO ALYSSA!

The Bundgaards


Another fun fall day in the park. I went to college with Bob and he is one of the funniest guys out there. His family was so fun to shoot. I was obsessed with the curls on this little girl if you couldn’t tell. There is probably more pictures of her hair than of the whole family. I just couldn’t help it. She was super spunky and quite the explorer! She found caterpillars and lady bugs, she climbed trees and even did a little dance for us! I loved so many images from this shoot. These are just a few of them. Thanks Bundgaards!

I have some engagement photo shoots coming up and i can’t wait to shoot outdoors in the winter. I hope we get a little snowfall for some of them! Stay tuned…



My first high school senior photoshoot! Isabel and I work together at the same restaurant. We went down to the Riverwalk in mid-October and went on a little adventure, snapping some photos along the way. She made my job really easy. She was a natural! I tried to make her laugh as much as I could though.  As you can see, sometimes it worked and sometimes…well, not so funny!  Thanks again Isabel, you rock!