The Bundgaards


Another fun fall day in the park. I went to college with Bob and he is one of the funniest guys out there. His family was so fun to shoot. I was obsessed with the curls on this little girl if you couldn’t tell. There is probably more pictures of her hair than of the whole family. I just couldn’t help it. She was super spunky and quite the explorer! She found caterpillars and lady bugs, she climbed trees and even did a little dance for us! I loved so many images from this shoot. These are just a few of them. Thanks Bundgaards!

I have some engagement photo shoots coming up and i can’t wait to shoot outdoors in the winter. I hope we get a little snowfall for some of them! Stay tuned…



My first high school senior photoshoot! Isabel and I work together at the same restaurant. We went down to the Riverwalk in mid-October and went on a little adventure, snapping some photos along the way. She made my job really easy. She was a natural! I tried to make her laugh as much as I could though.  As you can see, sometimes it worked and sometimes…well, not so funny!  Thanks again Isabel, you rock!

The Fishers

I spent a morning with the Fishers a little while back. I arrived as the kids were waking up, pancakes on the stove, B.J. on guitar. It was a special yet ordinary day for this family and I enjoyed capturing a morning for them in photographs. After pancakes, we headed to their back yard where I was floored by how incredible their garden was. The largest tomato plants I had ever seen! It was so much fun as we explored their magical garden and took out the instruments for a little family jamboree. This family is so sweet. Thanks again, Fishers!

The La Susa Family

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I arrived at the La Susa residence to a little smiling face peeking out the front door window. Another child came running and opened the door. I immediately felt at ease after seeing the children’s smiling faces. The family was dressed perfectly for a photoshoot with coordinating summer colors, and they were open to any ideas. We planned to end up on a beach at sunset. But the clouds were rolling in and we just took a stroll around their house. They did all the work. I just tried to capture their connection. I think we got a few good ones.

The Kuhl Family


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Welcome to my new blog! I will be posting more photos from my photo sessions and other photo projects in more detail here than on my Facebook page. I wanted to kick off my new blog with one of my favorite photo sessions to date. Last October I went to the Kuhl residence and photographed them in their beautiful backyard on the Milwaukee river. It was the most perfect fall sunset. They were a joy to work with and it was so obvious how much love there is here.