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Two days after this session, Laurie went into labor and they brought a little baby boy into this world. I know they are in the thick of it now, a baby needs everything you’ve got. But days before, on this quiet Sunday morning, I witnessed such love for one another and their baby to come, it nearly brought me to tears. These two have such a solid foundation, I have no doubt they will be incredible parents. Your love is inspiring. Thank you for sharing this special morning with me. Congratulations!!!

Mellissa and Joe

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I met Joe and Melissa at Corvina Wine Company, where Joe shares ownership with his brother. We had a little wine, they smooched, danced, and they made sarcastic jabs at one another (my kind of people and a true sign of love). We snapped a few photos there before heading to one of their favorite places, Wildcat Creek Farm. It was the dead of winter and very chilly, but they were troopers as we hiked around the property.  Of course, returning to the barn to sip on some more wine and to warm up! Thank you Melissa and Joe for such a fun shoot!